Here is some of my backyard inventory. None of this is in excellent condition, but most of it has been worked on and many are running. If in doubt about any particular engine, call and ask. Price quoted does not include shipping.

  1. C1100-17,0036454 Clinton no carb. not stuck $65.00. Engine Picture.
  2. 143-569082 Sears HH100-115028 10hp Tecumseh non elec,not stuck complete $200.00. Engine Picture.
  3. AV36-F2028 Power Products, Stuck Complete F.M.Mag, MT Tillitson Carb. $35.00.  Engine Picture.
  4. Lawn Boy, Iron Horse Block, Not Stuck,No Flywheel or Filter, has MT Tillitson Carb. $30.00. Engine Picture.
  5. B701 COC 2648457 Clinton Complete Complete. $40.00
  6. Wisconsin Model BKN.  Serial Number 3900781F.  Spec Number 196736.  Loose.  Not stuck.  No air filter.  $55.00.  Engine Picture.

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